Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bessie has turned her attention to Axl in a good way.

Bessie has a new interest. Her seemingly non-stop hand-to-hand combat lessons with Ruffin have really slacked-off and now they have a sweet little friendship going on between them. She nuzzles Ruff a lot and follows him around (like a puppy dog) when we are outside. Watching the two of them going for a walk together is very funny. Ruffin has a huge gate because of his size and Bessie has to continuously run after him to keep up. And when she runs her ears go flapping up and down. 

Now Bessie seems to be fixated with turning Grumpy Grandpa Axl into another big buddy. And Axl doesn't seem to mind when Bessie lays down on the floor next to him as long as she doesn't bite his feet. It hasn't been completely quiet today, she had a few rounds with Axl and Axl made her back off with a few loud barks. But it was very sweet to see her taking a nap next to the old man when she got tired from all the exercise.

I had to work outdoors today and take advantage to the mid-70s temperature. The grass needed cutting real bad. We had almost 5 inches of rain in a week's time followed by some hot, humid mid 90s temp and the grass was soaking it all up. When I get a chance I'm going to catch Bessie getting close to Axl and get some pictures.


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