Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's Deja Vu again and again.

First off, I have to establish a birthday for baby Bess. I can't keep saying she is 6-weeks old or 9-weeks old because I only had a vague starting point. When I adopted her from the Kenton County Animal Shelter the paperwork said she was 7-weeks old when she was given up for adoption on August 19th. So backtracking on the calendar it would make her birthday around July 1st, so that's the date we will have her future birthday parties on. So that means Bessie was 3-months old yesterday. 

Now here is the other reason for this date and the title of this post because I am comparing Bessie's growth rate to our big boy Ruffin. On March 15th, 2007, one day before Ruffin was 3 months old, I took his picture when he was hanging over the gate to the kitchen. Here it is.
Today I took this photo of baby Bessie doing the same thing Ruffin did but with a different gate.
I think baby Bessie is going to be a big girl when she grows up. She has already doubled her weight since we brought her to her forever home a month ago. And she has begun to fill the place our previous girls occupied. Ruffin adores her and she spends almost all her time with him. Axl now likes her enough to give her kisses once in awhile. And she is a very brave little girl. When I take her outside she challenges everyone who walks past our house with a defiant little pose with her feet spread apart and her tiny bark. And inside the house she has become our Early Warning System like Sassy used to be. When anyone walks down the street or comes to the door she barks as loud as she can and immediately this is followed by Ruffin also barking. I made a comment about this a few weeks ago saying how quiet it has become around here after Sassy went to the bridge. Ruffin didn't bark until Sassy did. Now the chorus is complete again.

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