Friday, September 26, 2014

The little one is getting big.

Just took these pictures a few minutes ago and it is pretty obvious that little Bess is starting to fill in her over-sized feet. I have been weighing her almost every day because I also noticed she feels heavier when I pick her up. Bess is closing in on 30 LBS and she won't be 3 months old for a few more days.
Bessie likes to lay in her Mom's lap in the family room and she gives Mom wake-up kisses every morning. And when I put her up on the bed she sometimes runs up to her sleeping Mom in leaps and bounds to deliver those kisses.

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  1. OMG, I've been out of the loop with too busy a life happening for me. I hadn't realized you lost Sassy, my deepest condolences.
    I am very happy to see you've filled the vacancy in yours, and Ruffin's life with this little beauty. Bessie looks like she's always been there from the posts I've gone through. I'm so glad you're a happy family again. Sassy will always be with you in spirit and possibly even a little bit in Bessie.
    Much love to all. xoxo