Saturday, September 27, 2014

Now, Deja Vu times 3.

I hate to keep using the term Deja Vu over and over but I am being reminded every day how similar the relationship has become between Bessie and Ruffin as it was with Ruffin and Sassy and Ruffin and Mocha. I just spotted the two of them laying together in the very same spot where baby Ruffin was when I took a picture of him and my old girl Mocha 7 years ago.
By the way, it is very handy to have a few pairs of old shoes laying around, just in case you have a puppy that like to toss them, chew them and carry them around.
And where is Moosey? Yep, we still have him. I added him to this later photo.


  1. Wow, how did you manage to keep a stuffed toy "alive" around Rotties for seven years? LOL. They last about 5 minutes with our two Rotts ;)

    1. Puppies get bored with their toys and there is safety in numbers. More toys spreads the damage around. Moosey, at least most of it, was retired to a bookcase shelf after Ruffin got bigger but our two Hedgehogs have long since disappeared. And, of course, all of the indestructible Kong toys are still here. They have lasted so long they've become family heirlooms.

  2. LOL, Safety in numbers, Love it!! My girl has about 4 large balls, 3 tennis balls, a tyre, tonnes of ropes, a LOG and the odd 2 liter coldrink bottles which she totally adores, besides the splash pool that is... Unfortunately with my previous boy we found out that Kongs are not indestructible :-)
    She is getting so beautifully big..

    Hugs Flee
    South Africa

    1. Some of the toys they have the best fun with you can't buy in a store. Bessie's favorite if a clear plastic, square-shaped jar that once held cashew nuts. It is about 6 inches square and has a 4 inch opening that makes it easy to pick up, looks big and makes a loud sound when she tosses it around or scoots it across the floor.

    2. LOL so True... her best is what you would call a Pepsi bottle, throwing that thing up and down the driveway at 3 in the morning... Awesome.
      Have a stunning day, and hope she doesn't get your food.. :-)

      Flee South africa