Friday, September 5, 2014

One week later, a peaceful moment in the kitchen.

I had to take two days off from my progress reports for doctor's visits and shopping trips. A funny thing happened last night with baby Bessie. After 11 PM I always take the boys out for their last pee trip before bedtime and since we added Bessie to the family she has always joined them. I get a kick out of her proudly prancing through the grass, always staying not too far away from her giant protectors, especially Ruffin. But last night Bessie was sleeping in her cage when I took Ruff and Axl out. She only woke up after they came in the house so I hooked her up to her 20 foot long leash and took her out alone. Now it is pretty dark out at night and the only light is from the porch lights and the post light by the driveway. Bessie became aware that she was all alone except for me. Then she while she was out by the driveway she heard some dogs barking way off in the distance and for a few seconds she stood perfectly still listening to the sound. Then all of a sudden she ran as fast as could all the way from the edge of the driveway up to the front door looking for safety.

And this morning I detected a new kind of friendship between Bessie and Ruff. She seems to enjoy being very close to him when not trying to goad him into play. It almost looked like they were posing for a portrait. See -

And these closeups taken two nights ago while they were sitting next to me on the couch.

Bessie's ear is all wet from sticking her head in Ruffin's mouth during play.

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  1. Ruffin is so sweet and patient with her, I love these photos. Please keep 'em coming!!