Sunday, September 14, 2014

Daddy's Girl.

The den has always been a favorite place for the Rottweilers to hang out. At times it has become very crowded when Ruff and Axl come in to keep me company. Now we have a new addition and Bessie has picked two favorites, me and Ruff. For the past few days I have found little Bessie curled up at the base of my office chair taking a nap while I work on the computer. Sometimes she even wants to lay in my lap. This morning while I was checking my email, she kept jumping up to see what I was doing so I picked her up and sat her on the desk chair.
And in a rare, quiet moment Bessie even laid down in the den next to her big hero, Ruff.
And, by the way, she has almost doubled her size since we brought her home on August 28th. Bessie now weighs 22 lbs., a gain of 9 lbs in 17 days, and her feet are getting big, too. And she has gotten to be a very brave little girl. Since she learned how to bark a week ago she now barks at people out on our street. OK, its a little bark but the way she stands, legs apart and ears cocked, she looks to be a very promising protector. But there are limits to her courage. The other morning I took her out around 8 AM before Ruff even woke up and the school bus came down the street and scared her. It was the largest vehicle she has seen and it was very loud. Bessie stood her ground while it approached our house but when it went past she ran right for the front door.


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  1. Wow she is getting so big... And teddy bear like LOL...
    Johannesburg South Africa