Sunday, September 7, 2014

The games at home are better than what's on TV.

Hard to say if Bessie's training is getting anywhere but she is giving Ruffin a good workout. She is fearless, as any puppy is, especially when it is all pretend, at least it is for Ruff. Bessie's bites are real and they must hurt sometimes. There have also been some cute examples outside when she heard another dog barking she ran to Ruffin for protection because she was frightened. And then she stands behind him like little girl. And she likes to be with him and follows him around the house both indoors and out. The indoor games tonight ended at bedtime and she must have gotten worn out as much as Ruff. She fell asleep as soon as I put her in her cage and Ruff went off to bed at the same time. So I have snoring coming from three rooms now, Axl was already sleeping in his Mom's room.
Who has the biggest tongue?
Funny how quiet she gets when Ruff pins her down.

I think Bessie is in love.


  1. Those Eyes... OM Goodness, too gorgeous... does she still have Puppy Breath... ??
    Johannesburg South Africa

    1. Not much puppy breath any more. And, yes, she can steal your heart with those eyes.

    2. AAAwww Man... I am hoping to get me a little boy in December... I cant wait anymore :-)
      Hugs to the boys, "Beastie" and Mom...