Friday, September 19, 2014

This story is just so sweet.

I received a new movie from today and stayed in the living room tonight to watch it. At first I had Ruff and Bessie with me and Ruff went right to sleep on the floor. Bessie had ants in her pants and didn't want to stay with me on the couch and when I put her on the floor she kept getting into things. This is the room where I have my home entertainment center and a bookcase full of nicknacks so it is normally off-limits for the little mischief maker. That's why there are gates at both ends to keep her out. I paused the movie and put Bess back in the family room with Mom and Axl. I didn't hear any barking so I knew she wasn't bothering the old man.
After the movie was finished I went looking for her to take her out and at first I couldn't find her. She wasn't in the family room or the hallway or the bathroom. Then I looked in my den and found her sleeping curled up around the base of my chair, just like she does when I'm working on the computer. This room must be her safe place where she knows I always go and she was waiting for me. I picked her up and carried her back into the living room and she was so sound asleep that it took a few minutes to wake her up. Then all I got was yawns and face kisses. Tomorrow I'll show you the pictures I took afterwards. It was Deja Vu all over again.

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